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Autore ArgomentoDoes Google Chrome Have a Pop Up Ad Blocker?
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Post Does Google Chrome Have a Pop Up Ad Blocker?
il: October 14, 2022, 11:31

Ad Blocker for Chrome introduced its adblocker just recently. Yes, it blocks pop-ups and other types of ads which are the most intrusive. However, this list is minimal, so lots of ads will go through.

After going on to the Chrome browser, you will find a “menu” button on the top-right side of the screen. Look for three horizontal bars if you cannot see them. Click on it to open. The option will expand to give you a list of items. From there, find the “settings” option and tap on it. As you click on it, the settings of Chrome will open in a new browser tab.
Now, look for the “advanced” option and click on it. Maybe you'll have to scroll down a little. Under the “privacy and security” options, you will find “Content settings”. As you tap on the same, it takes you to a new list of options. You should then look up the “pop-ups” option.
Clicking on it will relocate you to a new list of options. The first one shows “blocked”. It indicates that the pop-up blocker in Chrome is on.

Tap it to disable, and it will become “allowed”. It means you are allowing the browser to show pop-ups. There are two other options. The first one is “block”; here, you can add the websites you want to block ads. The second one is “allow”. Here, you may only include the websites that you do not like to block ads.

For More Information: Ad Blocker for Safari Browser


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